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Founded in April 1996,HangZhou RisingSun Cable Co.,Ltd. RisingSun factory covers an area of 20,000 square meters, and the annual output cable can reach more than 300000KM.

We specialized in manufacturing Coaxial Cable, Network Data Cable, Optical fiber Cable and Cable Accessories etc. mainly used in the filled of CATV System, Telecommunication, HDTV satellite communication, Monitoring System,4G equipment signal connection, Security System.

RisingSun Owned a comprehensive quality assurance program and quality system. This program and system was established to control the entire manufacturing cycle -- from raw material purchasing and product manufacturing to end-process delivery. It also assures meet quality objectives and minimizes the possibility of compromises which could affect product quality and reliability. The quality assurance program is complete and responsive to all requirements of ISO9001:2008...



  • ISO9001 2008
  • UL Communication Cable
  • ETL
  • Coaxial Cable CE Certificate
  • Lan Cable CE Certificate
  • Coaxial-Cable-CPR

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Factory Scenery+ More

  • One-Corner-of-Workshop
  • Rear-Traction-Machine
  • Capacitance-Tester
  • Wire-Rack
  • Wire-Combing-Machine
  • High-Speed-Braiding-Machine
  • Semi-Finished-Product
  • Plate-vulcanizing-machine
  • Oxygen-Index-Analyzer
  • Tensile-tester
  • Test-equipment-Network-Analyzer
  • Twist-Machine
  • Test-Laroratory
  • Line-Storage-reel
  • Twist-Machine
  • Twist-Machine

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